News from CIAT on brownfield sites

Chancellor George Osborne MP has outlined new planning policies which will make it easier to build new homes on brownfield sites. The report, Fixing the Foundations: creating a more prosperous nation was published last week and includes a full chapter on construction.On the subject of brownfield development, the report states the current planning system is ‘slow, expensive and uncertain’ which ‘reduces the appetite to build.’ It goes on to state ‘the government is clear on the need to promote use of brownfield land, and will remove all unnecessary obstacles to its redevelopment.’

The report also states that more brownfield sites will be made available through compulsory purchase, as well as outlining a raft of reforms intended to speed up the planning process, including the increased devolving of powers to the mayors of London and Manchester.

CIAT Practice Director Diane Dale said ‘The planning system has been in need of reform for some time and it is hoped that these proposals will go some way to speeding up the process of construction. In particular, increased use of brownfield sites is to be welcomed, as Architectural Technology professionals are well placed to understand the construction challenges involved in building on such land. ‘
The full report may be read HERE

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