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Moving with the times


Designing workspaces to help organisations adapt to their changed requirements has long been a valued service provided by Stone + Partners. Highlighted by post-pandemic changes to patterns of working, many people now understand how important it is that where we work is aligned with how we work, which requires flexibility and change.

Next month Stone + Partners will be demonstrating this by relocating our offices to Viney Court, in Victoria Street, Taunton – moving into a building developed by Summerfield Developments Ltd (with a little help from us) back in 2009.  Making the most of a change in priorities for the owners of our current offices at Saxum House, we have decided to take our own advice and re-design our workspace to suit how we work now and in the future.  

The fit-out works at Viney Court will be completed in the next few days. We can’t wait to move in and open this new phase in the progress of Stone + Partners.