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Stone + Partners provide the full architectural service as outlined below.

These stages are based on the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) work stages and can be tailored to meet client’s individual needs.

We believe a stage-based service offering is the most beneficial to our wide range of clients. If a project only requires a certain number of stages, we can accommodate this.

In the event that the project cannot proceed, or is put on hold, the client will only be required to pay up to the stage we have commenced.

This is the stage in which we gather the information required for the project to begin, following an initial free consultation with the client to ascertain their requirements. During this stage we will get the client brief written up and put on file. Following our appointment, we will perform or commission a measured survey of the site or property so existing plans and elevations can be drawn up. If any other consultants are required, we will advise at this stage and assemble the project team as necessary. If the project is larger and requires special planning considerations, due diligence will be done to make sure all local planning policies are considered.
In this stage, using the information we have gathered in the previous stage, we will design a number of concept proposals which aim to meet your requirements. We like to show our clients a number of concepts which try to show the possibilities which can be achieved. The concepts we produce vary in cost and scope, giving you the opportunity to see the project at different scales if the budget is tight. Once the scheme is agreed to suit the clients brief and budget, we will progress the drawings to planning stage.
We advise throughout the design process on which planning routes will need to be used to achieve the proposals, be it a Lawful Development Certificate, Prior Approval Application, a Householder Application or a Full Planning Application. We will act as planning agent and submit the required applications, liaising with the local authority and any necessary consultants when needed.
We will produce technical drawings, specifications and a schedule of works which provides the detailed information to the contractor on how the project is to be built. During this stage, the technical drawings will be used for the Building Regulations application to the local authority or approved inspector, for contractors to tender for the works and during construction on site. We work with a number of approved contractors to find you the best fit for your project. We normally submit tenders to a minimum of 3 or 4 contractors to provide competitive quotes, to enable a good spread of prices to be returned. A tender report is prepared with recommendations for appointing a contractor.
We advise that any project has a contract drawn up between the client and the contractor. We act as the contract administrator and can advise on the correct contract for your project. Once the contractor has been appointed and the contract signed, we are there throughout the build to help the contractor, answer any questions they have and ensure that the build is as smooth as possible. We often visit our project sites and have regular site meetings to make sure both the client and the appointed contractor are happy and have the information they need to complete the project in a timely manner.
Once the project is completed and handed over, we aim to provide the necessary design information to assist with the successful use and operation of the building.

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