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Taylor Boarding House, Kings School - Window Replacement

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Project Description

Stone + Partners gained Listed Building Consent for the renovation and replacement of the windows at Taylor Boarding House, Kings College, Taunton. 

Following a detailed window assessment and report, it was established that many of the original steel windows no longer seal closed. Structural damp was being caused by the cold bridging these malfunctioning window elements were allowing.

Secondary glazing had been fitted to one of the dormitories to assess it as a possible solution, but this had resulted in an acceleration of the corrosion of the steel window frames. 

The Facilities Management Department of the school has been forming an excellent record of conservation wherever possible, and ongoing improvements to the existing facilities.

On this occasion the welfare of the occupants of the dormitory prompted a desire to improve the fabric of the building to solve damp and leaking issues, and to improve the energy rating of the property.

Close liaison with Crittall Windows to formulate double glazed windows units to match the existing original steel windows was critical to getting this window replacement scheme agreed with the local authority conservation officer prior to the listed building application.


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